For us, photography is more than our business – it's our passion. And we believe we have a responsibility to the talented artists who push our industry forward. Our goal is to enable photographers, filmmakers and content creators to bring attention to significant social and cultural issues, as well as to take new and inspiring strides in creative work. Grant recipients are selected by a diverse and distinguished panel of independent judges renowned in the field of photography and communications. Many have directed and edited photography for some of the most celebrated publications in the world, are artistic leaders at award-winning creative agencies or are celebrated photographers themselves.

Creatives in Quarantine Creative Winners Announced

At Getty Images, we believe creative people are resilient. During this time of global uncertainty, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a creative outlet is more important than... View Details

#ShowUs Creative Winners Announced

With Getty Images’ mission to move the world, we are partnering with Dove and Girlgaze to promote diversity within creative commercial photography and videography,... View Details

Getty Images Inclusion Scholarships Editorial Winners Announced

Deadline extended - Issues of diversity and inclusion with the photographic and photojournalism industries are a complex, long-standing and industry-wide concern.... View Details

Climate Visuals Grants Editorial Winners Announced

At Getty Images, we are committed to evolving the visual narratives that define the global climate crisis in the commercial and editorial space. The need grows more urgent... View Details

Disability Stories Creative Winners Announced

Getty Images’ mission is to move the world with images and we believe in this power, yet we recognize that breaking into the commercial industry can be difficult. In a... View Details

Chris Hondros Fund Award Editorial Winners Announced

The Getty Images and Chris Hondros Fund Award was created in 2012 to honor photojournalist and two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee Chris Hondros – the award-winning Getty... View Details

Reportage Grant Editorial Winners Announced

For over 15 years, the Getty Images editorial grants program has supported independent photographers in telling in-depth stories of personal and journalistic importance.... View Details

Creative Bursary Creative Winners Announced

Getty Images mission is to move the world with images and we believe in this power, yet we recognize that breaking into the commercial industry can be difficult. In a time... View Details

"The Getty Images grant will enable me to reach out to [Muslims], photograph their lives and bring forth an in-depth under-standing of the muslim youth in France."
Jordi Busque
Spring 2012 Editorial Grant Recipient

Retired Grants

Women Photograph Grant

Getty Images has partnered with Women Photograph to promote gender diversity within professional photojournalism and elevate the work and the voices of female visual journalists. Through funding and mentorship, this $10,000 grant will support an ongoing documentary project from a professional photojournalist who has demonstrated a long-term commitment to their story. Additional consideration will be given to applicants who evince a personal connection to – and engagement with – the communities they cover.

Grants for Good

In 2012 we rebranded Grants for Good to Getty Images Creative Grants with an increased emphasis on the innovative use of creative and conceptual imagery and film.